Community Garden

The Community Garden is a project of Church of the Epiphany in collaboration with Seeds of Hope of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and the Southeast Asian Community Alliance (SEACA). The Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective (LAWFC) headquarters is housed at the Community Garden.

We invite participation in the garden by community members. The garden has 20 boxes, some of which are tended by individuals. There is no fee but a monthly contribution of at least two work hours per month is required in exchange for use of an individual box. Boxes must be well-tended to retain use privileges.

The remainder of the boxes and adjacent areas are cared for communally. Flor de Epifania, a social enterprise project of Church of the Epiphany and the Community of Divine Love (CDL), grows flowers in some boxes and at the CDL site in San Gabriel. Proceeds from flower sales benefit the church and support the ongoing project.

It is not necessary to have an individual box to help care for the garden. There is always gardening to do, and we have several work days a year to weed and take on special projects. Contact us if you are interested in participating. The LAWFC also has a monthly work day; please contact them directly for information.

The garden has nine fruit trees (banana, plum, apple, and lemon), edible perennials such as dragon fruit and sugarcane, a variety of herbs, and native plants to attract pollinators and beneficial insects. We have an onsite composting operation and worm castings from the LAWFC are available for purchase. We try to have city compost or other types of compost on hand for garden use, but participants are expected to help transport compost on occasion if they use the garden’s supply.

The garden is collaboratively run by representatives from the participating organizations. There is a very part-time volunteer garden coordinator, Delia Hitz ( Please contact Delia if you wish to become involved in the garden. Gardeners are neighbors, parishioners, or come from the wider community. Through the support of the church and the diocese, the garden serves the community.


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